Common Mistakes People Make When Selecting New Window Treatments For Their Homes

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A home with a great aesthetic appeal is what everyone aspires to have and installing new window treatments is one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of your home’s interiors. However, whether you’re picking drapes, valances, blinds, shutters or one of the many other options, the “easy” task of choosing a window treatment could leave you confused.

Apart from picking the best product, knowing what use the product will have and when is the best time to install it are equally important. Very often there are a number of aspects that are not taken into account while getting new window coverings and your dream of transforming your home gets delayed.

To ensure that there are no delays in your plans and to help you avoid some costly blunders, Custom Covers For Home & Office has compiled a list of common mistakes people make when selecting new window treatments for their homes.

1. Leaving the choice of window treatments to the end of the design and renovation process. This is a common mistake people make because customers don’t realize the value of window treatments in energy management. They think that window treatments are just for aesthetic value.

An inappropriate window treatment can increase exposure to ultraviolet rays causing damage to floors, furniture, artwork, etc. To avoid such errors, we always suggest that you decide about window treatments at the start of the design and renovation process itself.

2. Not including window treatments in budgeting and planning process. Often, customers don’t even include the expense of window treatments in the budgeting process for a renovation or a new build. In fact, if you have made mistake number one, the chances are higher that you will make this mistake as well. Unless you decide on window treatments early in the design process, you wouldn’t be budgeting properly. Therefore, we suggest that the decisions about choice of window treatment and budgeting should be made early in the planning process.

3. Going simply by price and not by quality or warranty options. We understand that excellent quality window treatments are not cheap. But, keep in mind that the right window treatment goes a long way to give you a pleasant experience inside the house. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of merely going by price when deciding on treatments. Also, think about the quality and warranty options available with a specific brand of window treatment along with the price and only then make a decision.

4. Not evaluating the use of a room. We have seen that people often decide about window treatments without considering the energy requirement and the purpose of the room. For example, you would need a different window treatment for a study-room than you would need for a bedroom. When deciding about room-use, you should also think of what kind of fabrics or finishes of window treatment will suit the purpose.

5. Excluding motorization and pre-wiring from the decision process. If you are considering motorization of window treatments, pre-wiring is not only cost-efficient but is also aesthetically pleasing. Far too often people make the error of not including motorization and pre-wiring in the decision process, or they take this decision very late. A decision on motorization and pre-wiring should be taken early in the renovation process.

6. Making uninformed decisions about window treatments. We have often noticed that customers make decisions about window treatment without knowing all the facts and then rue their choices. It’s best that you consult a specialist in the field before deciding on window treatments as it ensures you get the best treatments, at the best price.

If you’re looking to avoid these and other mistakes while renovating your home, reach out to the experts at Custom Covers For Home & Office. With over twenty-five years of experience, we provide custom window treatments, blinds, shutters, shades, louvers, panels, draperies, awnings and upholstery for your personal and unique style. For a complete list of services, please click here. If you have any questions about quality window treatments in Exeter, ON, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.